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Governor (1949-1957 : Lee) Miscellaneous committee reports 1949-1951

Correspondence from the Governor (1949-1957 : Lee), Series 211, contains the bulk of Governor Lee's correspondence, including a variety of reports and committee-related materials.

Newspaper clippings from the Governor (1957-1965 : Clyde), Series 214, contains newspaper accounts from the 1956 gubernatorial campaign, along with article about issues facing state government at the time.

Press releases from the Governor (1949-1957 : Lee), Series 215, contains statements released to the press by Governor Lee's office, along with correspondence between Lee and members of the news media.

Proclamations from the Governor (1949-1957 : Lee), Series 216, contains official proclamations issued by Governor Lee.

Speeches from the Governor (1949-1957 : Lee), Series 217, includes the text of Governor Lee's speeches, correspondence in reaction to his speeches, and resource files for writing speeches.

French Merci Train gifts from the Governor Lee, Series 20732, contains gifts from the people of France to the people of Utah, officially accepted by Governor Lee.

Extradition case files from the Governor (1949-1957 : Lee), Series 23594, contains files on two extradition cases handled by Governor Lee.