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Legislative Council Journal record books 1858-1882

Executive record books from the Secretary of State, Series 242, includes a more complete set of the governor's annual messages to the territorial legislature than are cited in the minutes of the Legislative Council.

Journals from the Legislative Assembly, Series 3145, contain the published minutes from 1851-1880.

Legislative acts, resolutions, and memorial journals from the Secretary of State, Series 3148, contains official copies of legislation and resolutions mentioned in these journal record books.

Territorial legislative records from the Legislative Assembly, Series 3150, contain many original copies of bills and other papers of the territorial legislature referred to here.

Great Salt Lake City Charter from the Territorial Secretary, Series 4904, contains minute book entries and journal records that may discuss the passage of the charter records found in this series.

Journal record books from the Legislative Assembly. House, Series 16660, include the rest of the handwritten House minutes.

Laws of Utah from the Legislature, Series 83155, contain the final versions of bills and resolutions passed by the legislature.