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Legislature. Senate Journals 1882-[ongoing]

Working bills from the Legislature. Senate, Series 428, are the bills whose progress are noted here.

Journals from the Legislative Assembly, Series 3145, contain the Council minutes before 1882.

Territorial legislative records from the Legislative Assembly, Series 3150, contain bills and other papers from the territorial period which are discussed here.

Journal record books from the Legislative Council, Series 3167, contain handwritten minutes of the senate from 1858-1882.

Oaths of office from the Division of Archives and Records Service, Series 17170, include the subscribed oath of office forms for members of the senate and gubernatorial appointees who require senate approval. The oath is administered to senators as each legislature convenes, as noted in this series.

Laws of Utah from the Legislature, Series 83155, contain the final, published, version of passed bills discussed here.