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Legislature Laws of Utah 1851-[ongoing]

Journals from the Legislature. Senate, Series 409, discuss the progress of bills and the passage of these laws in the Senate.

Journals from the Legislature. House of Representatives, Series 456, discuss the progress of bills and the passage of these laws in the House.

Utah code unannotated from the Legislature, Series 1052, contains the current law in codified form, but does not include legal or historical annotations.

Journals from the Legislative Assembly, Series 3145, discuss the passage of laws by the assembly.

Legislative acts, resolutions, and memorial journals from the Secretary of State, Series 3148, are manuscript copies of the laws as passed by the territorial assembly or the state legislature until 1911.

Legislative bills from the Lieutenant Governor, Series 4076, contain the final versions of bills enacted into law.

Journal record books from the Legislative Assembly. House, Series 16660, contain discussions of bills passed by the legislature.

Records of the states of the United States microfilm compilation from United States. Library of Congress, Series 27655, are the source of some of the earliest session laws of the territorial assembly.

Utah Code Annotated from the Division of Archives and Records Service, Series 83238, expresses the current law in codified form and gives the legislative history of the statute.