AGENCY: Bear River (Utah)

SERIES: 10619
TITLE: Town board minutes
DATES: 1886-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological.

DESCRIPTION: The minutes of the Bear River City town board summarize the meetings held by the town's governing body. The board consists of a president (mayor) and four trustees or board members, and is responsible for exercising the community's legislative and executive powers (see Utah Code, Unannotated, 1991, 10-3-101). The board is responsible for appointing town officers, levying taxes and passing city ordinances. The Bear River town board met monthly to carry out these responsibilities and to discuss community affairs. Matters relating to irrigation dominated their discussion for many decades. The minutes document appointments for town offices and the board's discussion of problems which came up, such as cattle roaming in the streets and delinquent water taxes. The board planned new developments such as paving the streets and installing a sewer system. They discussed the maintenance of town property such as the cemetery and the park. In later years the board approved things like boy scout proj ects or community events in the park. In 1998 they approved the land management and development code.


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The minutes of the town board document Bear River's political history.



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