AGENCY: Department of Natural Resources. Division of Water Rights

SERIES: 13913
TITLE: Tracings, proofs, and dam applications
DATES: 1957-
ARRANGEMENT: numerical by application number

DESCRIPTION: This series contains working files from the office of the State Engineer. Many of the documents contained in this series are copies of records retrieved from the agency's "old files" and include an initial letter requesting the search for these records. The retrieval letter documents the specific location of "old" records with a log that notes their location by book number, page, date, with a brief description of the record located. The "old file" records dates from as far back 1903, and were retrieved during the 1950's. "Old files" are provided in order to prove existing water rights claims, and often correspondence requesting the discovery of "old" records is included in the series. The series also includes: application files and requests; protest letters; newspaper clippings that function as proof of "notice to water rights users" attached to agency forms documenting the newspaper that published the notice and dates of publication; and other correspondence between interested parties and the State Engineers office.


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Retention and disposition for this series is authorized by Archives general schedule County official records, GRS-305

AUTHORIZED: 08/01/2019


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