AGENCY: Governor. Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

SERIES: 21073
TITLE: Miscellaneous federal grant program
DATES: 1997-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological by award year, thereunder alphabetical by program name, thereunder numerical by sub-grant number

DESCRIPTION: This grant is provided by the Federal government to assist states in establishing, developing, updating, or upgrading certain databases, and records that are compatible with those of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The files contain approved grant proposals, notices of grant awards, correspondence between the grant recipient and grant provider, program and progress reports, approved grant changes, grant monitoring reports, quarterly financial status reports, and other miscellaneous grant related documents. The Federal government provides to states various grants and awards of limited duration or purpose - NIBRS: National Incident Based Reporting System, State ID: Upgrade certain data bases and records to be compatible with those of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), BPV: Bullet Proof Vest Program, NFSIA: National Forensic Science Improvement Act Grants, VOI/TIS: Violent Offender Incarceration Truth in Sentencing Program, JAIBG: Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant, JITII: Justice Information Technology Integration Implementation, NGA: National Governors Association Grants. Other miscellaneous grants may be added to this series depending on what limited duration programs or grants are awarded by the Federal Government in the future.


Retain for 7 year(s) after final action




Retention and disposition for this series is authorized by Archives general schedule Grant records, GRS-1859

AUTHORIZED: 07/23/2018


Paper: Retain in Office for 3 years after final action and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 4 years and then destroy.

Computer data files: Retain in Office for 7 years after final action and then delete.



This disposition is based on the federal grant retention requirements in 28 CFR parts 66 and 70.53 (1995).