AGENCY: Governor. Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

SERIES: 2188
TITLE: In state extradition records
DATES: 1953-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological.

DESCRIPTION: These records document the extradition of individuals, who have been charged with a crime in Utah, from other states in order to try the offenders. The initial requests are usually made by offices of the county attorney to the Governor, who then makes the extradition request to the governor of the other state. The records contain correspondence and supporting documents. Information includes the governor's name, the city or county making the requisition, the name of the alleged criminal, and the offense and supporting statutory authorities. The extradition request is supported by the following: the court complaint (defendant, date, signatures); the warrant of arrest (date, judge's signature); and affidavit (signature); and warrant certifications (county clerk signature, date, seal and Lieutenant Governor's signature). The responsibility for extraditions was transferred from the Lieutenant Governor's office to the Commission on Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice.


Permanent. Retain for 2 year(s)


Transfer to Archives.


Retention and disposition for this series were specifically approved by the State Records Committee.

APPROVED: 02/1998


Paper: Retain in Office for 2 years and then transfer to State Archives with authority to weed.


Historical Legal

This series has historical value as it documents the names of extradited individuals, officers and government officials. It also has legal value as it documents legal extradition processes.