AGENCY: Bear River (Utah)

SERIES: 22124
TITLE: Ordinances
DATES: 1906-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological.

DESCRIPTION: Utah municipal governments exercise their authority through ordinances (Utah Code, Unannotated, 1991, 10-3-701). The ordinances in this series are revisions or additions to the complete code, "The Revised Ordinances of Bear River Town, Utah (1906)." Book A, entitled "Ordinances and Resolutions of the Bear River Town Corporation," contains copies of ordinances passed 1906-1936. These ordinances deal with irrigation, taxation, and the regulation of public streets, pool halls, fireworks, liquor sales, and bowling alleys. They also contain franchises between the city and companies such as Utah Power and Light, Acme Water Company, a drainage company and a telephone company. Ordinances passed after 1950 are on loose paper, and deal with annexing additional property into the city, licensing businesses, public utility right of ways, and teen curfews. Several ordinances define sewer regulations. Other ordinances are agreements with Box Elder County concerning garbage pickup, 911 emergency numbe rs, and trash burning. This series contains an ordinance adopting the land management and development code.


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Paper: Retain in Office permanently after being microfilmed.

Microfilm master: Retain in State Archives permanently with authority to weed.

Microfilm duplicate: Retain in Office permanently.

Microfilm duplicate: For records beginning in 1906 through 2000. Retain in State Archives permanently with authority to weed.


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City ordinances contain both legal and historical information about Bear River City.



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