AGENCY: Kanarraville (Utah)

SERIES: 23612
TITLE: Town board minutes
DATES: 1976-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological by date.

DESCRIPTION: The Kanarraville town board is responsible for exercising the community's legislative and executive powers (see Utah Code, Unannotated, 1992, 10-3-101). The board is responsible for all aspects of city management, such as appointing city officials and setting their salaries, levying taxes and managing city finances, maintaining public services and utilities, and regulating activity within the city. Kanarraville town board minutes summarize the discussion of issues before the board and describe actions taken by the board. Minutes identify the place and time of meeting and name those present. The Kanarraville town board focused chiefly on maintaining public services, and especially Kanarraville's municipal water. The board discussed water rates, delinquent water bills, installing water lines and meeting purification standards. The town board also addressed routine matters such as street maintenance, cemetery upkeep, and ongoing community clean up. The town board has been involved in July 4th celebrations and has sponsored dances. In 1986 Kanarraville established and began maintaining a fire department. Also in that year, the board published revised codified ordinances. In 1994 they began work on a new park, the Cobblecrest Recreation Facility. In 1998 the town board created a planning and zoning commission.


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