AGENCY: Paragonah (Utah)

SERIES: 23645
TITLE: Planning and zoning commission minutes
DATES: 1973-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological by date of meeting. The minutes are preceded by agenda and notices of public meetings which are also chronological.

DESCRIPTION: Utah law authorizes each municipality to establish a planning commission to be responsible for preparing and recommending a general plan for municipal growth and development and recommending zoning ordinances (Utah Code 10-9-201(1)(a), 1992). The commission can be responsible for administering the provisions of the zoning ordinances. It can recommend approval or denial of subdivision applications, advise the legislative body, and hear or decide any matters that the legislative body designates (Utah Code 10-9-204, 1992). The Paragonah planning and zoning commission addressed individual petitions such as requests for commercial activity at residences and annexation requests. The commission also worked on city planning and drafting ordinances for town board approval. These issues included formulating a dog ordinance and drafting recommendations for a kennel, working on an affordable housing plan, and updating the Paragonah general plan. The minutes report the time and place of meeting, list those in attendance, and summarize the discussion.


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