AGENCY: Department of Natural Resources. Division of Water Rights

SERIES: 25501
TITLE: Dam safety correspondence
DATES: 1900-
ARRANGEMENT: Numerical by assigned dam number

DESCRIPTION: These records document correspondence between dam owners and the State Engineer's office. Issues addressed include dam design, construction, maintenance and repair of public and private dams in Utah. Private owners include private land owners, farmers and irrigation companies. Public dam owners include the Division of Wildlife Resources, water conservancy districts and other special service districts. Information includes names, addresses, dates and details of issues addressed. Incoming and outgoing business-related correspondence, regardless of format or mode of transmission, that provides unique information relating to the functions, policies, procedures or programs of an agency. These records document executive decisions made regarding agency interests. Executive decision makers may include the Director, Chief Administrative Officer, Public Information Officer or other internal administrators as identified by the executive office.


Permanent. Retain for 10 year(s)


Transfer to Archives.


Retention and disposition for this series is authorized by Archives general schedule State agency executive correspondence, GRS-1758

AUTHORIZED: 02/25/2015


Paper: Retain in Office until scanned and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 10 years and then transfer to State Archives with authority to weed.

Computer data files: Retain in Office until administrative need ends and then delete.

Microfiche master: Retain in State Archives permanently with authority to weed.

Microfiche duplicate: Retain in State Archives permanently with authority to weed.


Administrative Historical

This retention is based upon the value of these records to researchers in the study of dam and water rights issues in the State of Utah.