AGENCY: Department of Natural Resources. Lone Peak Conservation Center

SERIES: 25795
TITLE: Irrigation water rights records
DATES: 2001-
ARRANGEMENT: Alphabetical by name of parcel.

DESCRIPTION: The Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands operates the Lone Peak Conservation Center (LPCC) in Draper. The LPCC includes a tree and shrub seedling nursery. High quality irrigation water is necessary to grow the seedlings. The current source of irrigation water is Little Willow Canyon, approximately seven miles from LPCC, and water is piped to LPCC from the mouth of Little Willow Canyon. This series includes copies of the deed of water right, recorded easements, maps of the water line location, plat maps, correspondence from developers and homeowners relating to the water line, global positioning system coordinates of the water line, pictures of the point of diversion, water quality analyses, detailed drawings, water line specifications, and surveys of the water line. Some of the documents are original, but others are duplicates of documents in the county recorder's office, Draper and Sandy city records, and the Division of Water Rights records. This series contains basically everything the division knows about the water right and the water line location. Inasmuch as the division inherited the water line from the prison, the exact line location is not known. These records have been collected in an attempt to determine the water line location and to deal with property issues relating to it.


Retain until disposition of asset




Retention and disposition for this series were specifically approved by the State Records Committee.

APPROVED: 06/2005


Paper: Retain in Office until property or water right is sold and then destroy.