AGENCY: Department of Workforce Services. Workforce Development Division

SERIES: 26354
TITLE: Correspondence
DATES: 1997-
ARRANGEMENT: Alphabetical by name, thereunder numerical by file number.

DESCRIPTION: Business-related correspondence which provide unique information about agency functions, policies, procedures, or programs. These records document material discussions and decisions made regarding all agency interests, and may originate on paper, electronic mail, or other media. This correspondence is filed separately from program case files, and project files.


Permanent. Retain for 5 year(s)


Transfer to Archives.


Retention and disposition for this series is authorized by Archives general schedule State agency executive correspondence, GRS-1758

AUTHORIZED: 03/27/2015


Paper: Retain in Office for 1 year and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 4 years and then transfer to State Archives with authority to weed.

Computer data files: Retain in Office for 5 years or until administrative value met, whichever is greater and then transfer to State Archives with authority to weed.


Administrative Historical

These records are historical because they provide evidence of significant policy formulation and business processes of the government.