AGENCY: Laketown (Utah)

SERIES: 26536
TITLE: General plan
DATES: 1972-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological by year

DESCRIPTION: These are comprehensive plans for municipal development adopted by the city commission. "Each municipality shall prepare and adopt a comprehensive, long-range general plan for present and future needs of the municipality; growth and development of the land within the municipality or any part of the municipality" (UCA 10-9-301(1) (1997)). "The planning commission shall make and recommend to the [city commission] a proposed general plan for the area within the municipality" (UCA 10-9-302(1)(a) (1997)). The plans serve as a guide for decision-making on rezoning and other planning proposals and as the goals and policies of municipalities attempting to guide land use in local jurisdictions. The plans include "planning commission's recommendations for the development of the territory covered by the plan, and may include, among other things: (a) a land use element; (b) a transportation and circulation element; (c) an environmental element; (d) a public service and facilities element; (e) a rehabilitation, redevelopment, and conservation element; (f) an economic element; (g) recommendations for implementing the plan, including the use of zoning ordinances, subdivision ordinances, capital improvement plans, and other appropriate actions; and any other elements that the municipality considers appropriate" (UCA 10-9-302(2) (1997)). The plan may also include maps, plats, and charts.


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