AGENCY: Department of Corrections. Division of Administrative Services

SERIES: 59916
TITLE: Building construction project files
DATES: 1980-2022
ARRANGEMENT: Alphabetical by building name

DESCRIPTION: These are case files used by the facilities bureau to review building plans, to make changes in designs, and to ensure that the designs are correct and meet the specifications prepared by the Department. These records include architectural designs, specifications, correspondence, contract agreements, final building plans, and cost analysis data.


Permanent. Retain for 10 year(s) after disposition of asset


Transfer to Archives.


Retention and disposition for this series is authorized by Archives general schedule Government construction as-built plans and specifications, GRS-1789

AUTHORIZED: 05/16/2018


Paper: Retain in Office for 2 years after completion of the project and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 50 years and then transfer to State Archives with authority to weed.


Administrative Historical

A copy of the architectual building plans and design specifications are maintained by the Division of Facilities and Construction Management for the life of the building. These records should be maintained for legal actions since some of the information in these files is not duplicated at DFCM. Therefore these plans must be retained as long as the originals.


Protected. Building plans of correctional facilities.