AGENCY: Utah State Tax Commission. Taxpayer Services Division

SERIES: 6609
TITLE: Notice of sheriff's sale
DATES: i 1986-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological

DESCRIPTION: This record is a notice sent by the county sheriff to permit creditors advising them that personal property seized from a debtor for nonpayment of a debt will be sold. This notice allows creditors to take action in order to protect their interests in the property. This notice is also sent to the Tax Commission to notify them of the seizure of personal property. The Tax Commission has a two month period in which to decide to take control of the seized property to pay for taxes owed by the debtor. If the seized property is sold to pay for debts, the buyer of the property is given a sheriff's (temporary) title valid for six months. The original debtor has this six month period in which to redeem (buy back) the seized property for the price paid by the buyer, plus interest. They include civil case number; name of the creditor; name of debtor; date, time, and location of sale; description of the property; location where notice was recorded; and date of notice.


Retain for 1 year(s)




These records are in Archives' permanent custody.

APPROVED: 03/1987


Paper: Retain in Office for 2 months and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 10 months and then destroy.


Administrative Legal

This disposition is based on the administrative needs expressed by the agency to retain these notices for one year.