AGENCY: Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Children with Special Healthcare Needs

SERIES: 80555
TITLE: Administrative files
DATES: 1966-
ARRANGEMENT: Alphabetical by subject or name

DESCRIPTION: These are files on various subjects used by the bureau for reference purposes and in the day-to-day administration of the bureau. These files include newsletters, interdepartmental memoranda, equipment brochures, information on professional conferences, information on legislative bills that affect the bureau, equipment replacement schedules, and other miscellaneous items.


Retain for 2 year(s)




These records are in Archives' permanent custody.

APPROVED: 06/1988


Paper: Retain in Office for 2 years and then destroy.


Administrative Historical

Records not duplicated elsewhere that document how the office is organized and how it functions, its pattern of action, its policies, procedures, and achievements are of long-term value and should be retained. However, most of these records deal with routine day-to-day matters and should be weeded out when no longer needed. For example, records that relate to the internal administration or housekeeping activities of the office, the office organization, staffing, procedures, and communications; the day-to-day administration of office personnel; and the use of office space and utilities. Also, records that are duplicates of information filed elsewhere.