AGENCY: Division of Human Resource Management

SERIES: 80616
TITLE: Personnel records
DATES: 1947-
ARRANGEMENT: Alphabetical by name.

DESCRIPTION: The executive director of the Department of Human Resource Management has a mandate to "maintain central personnel records" (see Utah Code 67-19-6(1)(g) (2018)). Elements of the personnel record are specified in Administrative Rule R477-2-5 (2020): personally identifiable information; performance ratings; and actions which affect the employee's salary history, classification history, title and salary range, employment status, and other personal data. Personnel records also include training records, information about authorized positions, relevant correspondence, and other related records.

Records in this series may be paper, electronic, or other media formats.

This series incorporates records from Department field offices, including records of employees who began working for a state employer prior to the Department's consolidation in 2006. Complete work history of an individual (excluding medical/psychological information) while employed by the State. Refer to UCA 67-18-1 (1977), et seq. and DHRM rules on accessing, maintaining, and managing employee personnel files. The employee's personnel file shall be considered a supplement to the DHRM computerized file and shall be subject to the rules governing personnel files. When an employee transfers to another state agency, the employees's personnel file must be sent to the new agency. The file typically includes applications for employment, career mobility documents, Memorandums of Understanding (MOU's), conflict of interest records, employee signed overtime agreements, personnel actions, corrective action plans, notices of disciplinary action, new employee orientation form checklists, performance plans and evaluations, letters of appreciation/commendation, separation and leave without pay records, employee benefits notification forms for PEHP and URS; references, copies of transcripts, training certifications or preparations, copies of items recorded in the DHRM computerized file, leave and time records; copies of any documents affecting the employee's conduct, status or salary, etc.


Retain for 65 year(s) after date of hire or for 3 year(s) after retirement or death




Retention and disposition for this series is authorized by Archives general schedule Employment history records, GRS-1965

AUTHORIZED: 11/23/2021


Paper: Retain in Office until date of hire and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 65 years and then destroy.

Paper: Retain in Office for 3 years after retirement or death and then destroy.

Computer data files: Retain in Office for 65 years after date of hire and then delete.

Microfilm master: Retain in State Records Center for 65 years and then destroy.

Microfilm duplicate: Retain in Office until administrative value has been met and then destroy.


Administrative Legal

These records contain the current work history of an individual (excluding medical/psychological information) while employed by the state and have legal value, as they document employment and/or eligibility for benefits as a result of such employment for the employee or for the employee's heirs. See Utah Code 49-11-602 (2017)--participating employers are to retain records--and Utah Code 67-19-6(1)(g) (2018)--DHRM executive director to maintain central personnel records.


Private. Utah Code 63G-2-302(1)(a,g) and (2)(a,b,d) (2020); and 67-18-1(1977)


Protected. Utah Code 63G-2-305(25) (2020)

Public. Utah Code 63G-2-301(2)(b) (2020)