AGENCY: Department of Health and Human Services. Division of Family Health. Office of Maternal and Child Health

SERIES: 80765
TITLE: Patient charts
DATES: 1975-
ARRANGEMENT: Numerical by case number

DESCRIPTION: These charts document patients participating in the Neo-natal follow-up program. This program provides medical assistance to children up to the age of five. Patients are primarily premature infants that are having continuing medical problems. This record series includes, but is not limited to: hospital records, problem list, lab flow sheets, medical history, family history, nutritional history, dental report, developmental/psychometric test reports, psych clinical progress notes, speech and hearing evaluations, neurological examinations, ophthalmologic examinations, correspondence, growth charts, pediatric examinations, progress notes, lab and x-ray reports, and billing/authorization for payment records.


Retain for 78 year(s) after case is closed




Retention and disposition for this series were specifically approved by the State Records Committee.

APPROVED: 12/2005


Paper: Retain in Office for 3 years after closed and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 75 years and then destroy.


Administrative Legal

The retention is based on the potential legal problems that may arise as to any treatment given the child. While UCA 78-14-4 sets the limit for malpractice action at 4 years, court decisions such as Foil v Ballinger 601 P 2d 144 and Myers v McDonald 635 P 2d 84 have held that the statute of limitation can be extended if discovery of the injury did not occur within the 4 year time frame. Should any medical problems occur, they should appear by the time the child becomes an adult. Previous decision: (6/1987) - 16 years after case closed and then destroy. The Bureau has decided it is critical to have these records available for the 78 years because patients may be having health problems throughout their lives.


Private. UCA 63G-2-302(2008)


Controlled. UCA 63G-2-304(2008)