AGENCY: Department of Health and Human Services. Division of Family Health. Office of Maternal and Child Health

SERIES: 80934
TITLE: Monthly voucher reports
DATES: 1985-
ARRANGEMENT: Chronological

DESCRIPTION: These are monthly reports sent to the state regarding the issuance of food vouchers and recipient enrollment. This is used as a management and audit tool. These reports include Manual Check Assignment and Shift Form which gives the clinic identification number, the manual check numbers, and the total number of items; Family Enrollment Form gives clinic number, enrollment number, item total, date sent to clinic, and date confirmed by clinic; Voided Check Register gives check number, item total, date and reason for voiding check; and WIC Voucher/I.D. Card Acknowledgment Report gives date, clinic number and name, items received, voucher numbers, total received, and the vouchers missing.


Retain for 3 year(s) after completion of publication or report




These records are in Archives' permanent custody.

APPROVED: 06/1987


Paper: Retain in Office for 2 years after submission of final or annual expenditure report and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 1 year and then destroy.


Administrative Fiscal

Retention based on 7 CFR 246.25.