AGENCY: Department of Natural Resources. Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining. Coal Regulation

SERIES: 81694
TITLE: Mining and reclamation plan records
DATES: 1981-
ARRANGEMENT: Numerical by mine number.

DESCRIPTION: The Utah Coal Program regulates the surface effects of coal mines and ensures reclamation as required under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 and under UCA 40-10, et seq. This series includes records relating to plans for how mining will be conducted, the impact it will have on the environment, and how mining companies plan to restore the land. Information includes the type of business entity; the name, address, and telephone number of the sole proprietor, officer, partner, principal shareholder, or director; all names under which the applicant previously operated a mine; a statement of pending or previous mine permits; the name and address of the mineral rights holder and all property owners; a statement of all contiguous lands held by the applicant; a statement of previous violations; proof of insurance; and proof of publications. Environmental information includes the status of the land involved, climatological information, vegetation information, soil resources information, land-use information, and maps of the area. Reclamation plans include operation plans, air pollution control plans, fish and wildlife plans, reclamation plans, hydrologic information, geologic information, post-mining land use suggestions, and plans for disposal of excess soil and for protection of public parks and historic places.


Permanent. Retain for 13 year(s) after final action


Transfer to Archives.


Retention and disposition for this series were specifically approved by the State Records Committee.

APPROVED: 09/2005


Paper: Retain in Office until phase 3 bond release has been approved and then transfer to State Records Center. Retain in State Records Center for 10 years and then transfer to State Archives with authority to weed.

Computer data files: Retain in Office until administrative need ends and then delete.


Administrative Historical

This disposition is based on the record's secondary research value in documenting the history of coal mining activity and reclamation throughout the state.




Protected. Utah Administrative Code R645-301-124-300.