AGENCY: Salt Lake City (Utah). Fire Department

SERIES: 82322
TITLE: Business inspection records
DATES: 1955-
ARRANGEMENT: Alphanumerical by location

DESCRIPTION: These files document the fire inspections of all businesses and apartment houses in Salt Lake City. They are used to determine compliance to city fire codes for fire prevention purposes. These files include correspondence; copy of business license; history of building; notices of violations; citations; special notices or orders; and inspection reports, and various forms used for inspections of different types of businesses or schools such as: Premises Information Report (lists premise hazards data, physical data, and occupancy information); Fire Drills Conducted in Salt Lake City Schools (lists schools drilled, date, number of floors, number of outside exits, number of students, and performance rating of drill); School Inspection (which checks all aspects of the building for safety purposes); Theater Inspection Forms (listing each city theater and a checklist of potential dangers); Building Inspection Construction (contains a checklist of potential hazards).


Permanent. Retain for 5 year(s)


Transfer to Archives.


These records are in Archives' permanent custody.

APPROVED: 04/1987


Paper: Retain in Office for 5 years and then microfilm and destroy provided microfilm has passed inspection and provided files of demolished bldgs. transfer to Archives.

Microfilm master: Retain in Office permanently.


Administrative Historical

This retention is based upon the administrative needs expressed by the bureau. These files are very important in architectural history and should be retained permanently.