AGENCY: Department of Workforce Services. Salt Lake Metro Employment Center

SERIES: 84117
TITLE: Interstate claim forms
DATES: 1988.
ARRANGEMENT: numerical by last four digits in social security number

DESCRIPTION: This record documents initial filing of an interstate unemployment insurance claim. An interstate claim is one in which the claimant earned benefit wages in one state (liable state), but because of a change in residence is filing in another state (agent state). The agent state initiates the paperwork and issues the first three manual claim cards, IB-2's, as part of a reciprocal program between states. Information from the initial claim form is entered into Internet, an interstate on-line data system which relays claim information to the liable state in order to implement the payment process and issue subsequent computer-generated claim cards. The liable state will take responsibility for any further claims issues, except the reopening of a previous interstate claim which will again be handled by the agent state. This record contains copies of the IB-1, Initial Interstate Claim Form; IB-10, Interstate Eligibility Review Form; IB-3 and IB-11-s, Separation Notices; and IB-11, Fact Finding Report.


Retain for 15 month(s)




Retention and disposition for this series is proposed and has not yet been approved.


Paper: Retain in Office for 15 months after initial registration and then destroy.


Administrative Fiscal Legal

Retention is based on administrative need, i.e., the copy is maintained for reference as well as for subsequent claimant requests for service within 52 weeks of initial contact, e.g. reopening of a claim after additional work or a break in filing.