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Community Services  > Accommodation services

Developing policy to support the provision of housing to those in need. Establishing eligibility criteria for services. Developing strategies to assist specific community groups at risk of homelessness. Includes liaison with areas responsible for public housing construction, to determine short-term and long-term community housing needs.


Administrative law  > Justice Administration  > Administrative decision appeal

Developing processes to support applications to an independent authority to have a determination or judgement reviewed. Includes activities associated with receiving and managing appeals.


Administrative law  > Justice Administration  > Administrative decision review

Examining and reconsidering a determination or judgement made by a public authority. Responding to the advice of an independent body which may reverse or uphold an earlier decision.


Justice Administration  > Administrative law

Administering the body of law that relates to the executive functions of government. Establishing the relationship between the government and the citizens of its jurisdiction. Regulating the powers, duties and organization of public administration authorities.


Assisting parents seeking to legally take responsibility for a child, or birth parents wishing to have their child adopted. Includes advice on the legal aspects of adoption.


Community education  > Education and Training  > Adult education programs

Administering training designed to meet the needs of specific groups of adult learners. Includes life skills, literacy programs and bridging courses to assist adults moving into school, higher or vocational education.


Tourist event promotion  > Tourism  > Advertising campaigns

Delivering television, printed and electronic marketing, public relations and information programs to promote Utah or a particular region as a travel and tourism destination. Includes advertising campaigns to promote tourist events and local products.


Community support  > Community Services  > Aged care services

Managing social support and services for elderly persons and their families. Providing advice on rights to financial or other assistance such as residential care or medical services. Includes funding and support for community-based or volunteer programs providing aged care services.

Science  > Agricultural sciences

Conducting research into forestry, food, fiber and other crops or plants grown for commercial purposes. Providing input into quality control for the processing of agricultural products. Includes scientific advice on soil, weed and pest management, and information on new plant species.

Science  > Animal and veterinary sciences

Conducting research into the health care and management of wild and domestic animals. Providing scientific advice on nutrition, breeding, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Includes livestock, pets and other domestic animals, fish, birds and native animals - in the wild or in captivity.


Science  > Applied sciences

Conducting research into the active use of scientific knowledge and principles from a range of fields and disciplines. Providing advice and practical solutions to problems in various sectors, such as industry, security, communications and health care.


Cultural Affairs  > Arts development

Providing support for the production of skilled performance or craft. Administering programs to develop funding and promotional strategies for the arts, and to encourage participation from across the community. Assisting the growth of artistic companies through business advice and planning. Includes support for work spaces and liaison with education and exhibition facilities.

Education and Training  > Arts education

Administering programs that offer training and facilities to support the production of skilled performance or craft. Managing specialized institutions or schemes to foster artistic talent at individual or community level. Includes the provision of scholarships and study grants.


Justice Administration  > Associations and corporate law

Administering the body of law that relates to companies or other organizations that have a distinct legal identity from that of their members. Regulating the formation, governance and dissolution of such organizations and establishing the limits of their powers or liability.


Implementing the provisions of industrial awards with regard to employment conditions and rates of pay. Providing advice on hours of work, working conditions, leave and other entitlements. Administering the payment of wages, allowances, overtime and penalties.



Administering insolvent parties' assets for the benefit of creditors. Includes providing bankruptcy notices, winding up of companies and the appointment of trustees.



Administering programs to provide financial assistance to individuals, based on criteria other than income. Providing advice on entitlements. Assessing eligibility and processing payments. Includes ongoing benefits, one-off payments following a specific event, rebates for costs already incurred or subsidies for upcoming expenses.


Science  > Biological sciences

Conducting research into the lives of plants, animals and micro-organisms. Investigating their origin, distribution, behavior and physical makeup. Includes studies of ecosystem dynamics, identification and manipulation of biological processes.


Environment  > Built environment

Developing policy and programs to protect structures of particular historic, scientific or social significance. Establishing standards for maintaining and preserving elements of the built environment. Providing funding for joint projects with business or the community.


Public land management  > Civic Infrastructure  > Burial ground management

Administering areas of land set aside for depositing the bodies or ashes of the dead. Managing site layout. Ensuring facilities are kept clean and maintained. Monitoring rights of access and opening hours. Liaising with funeral directors, church and community groups.

Business Support and Regulation  > Business registration and licensing

Recording the details of companies and corporations. Assessing applications and issuing registration numbers. Maintaining records of registered details. Processing registration updates and renewals. Issuing licenses and permits, such as those required for fundraising, signage and displays.


Formulating policy to regulate and support the private sector, including small business and non-profit organizations . Developing strategies to assist business growth and management. Implementing advocacy programs, providing funding and administering regulatory bodies.

Sport and Recreation  > Caravan and camping services

Regulating the provision of sites where caravans, tents and other temporary dwellings may be erected. Certifying the safety of campsite facilities and the hygiene of amenities. Providing advice to operators on administration, emergency procedures and insurance. Includes public information services, such as the production of maps and promotional literature.


Community support  > Community Services  > Child and youth support

Providing and monitoring services for young people. Assisting those who are disadvantaged or at risk of abuse or domestic violence. Running parent education programs and managing youth centers. Includes funding and support for community-based or volunteer programs providing child and youth support.


Community support  > Community Services  > Child-care services

Providing services for the supervision of children when their parents are not available. Monitoring private sector staff and facilities for compliance with industry standards. Includes temporary arrangements for emergency or foster care.


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